Meet team Zeven! Zeven is the dutch translation of the number seven which is a crucial number here. Not only do the authors promise good content from seven different genres every week, but they are also the 7 crucial members of Zeven-Blogs.

Meet Devarishi Chaudhary, our writer and co-founder. Devarishi has an excellent amount of knowledge in finance and the economy and is an extremely motivated writer. He is fun but when its time work you can always count on him. Make sure to check our life skills and finance genres to read his amazing works!

Krish Nerurkar, our other co-founder and writer who has a really impressive record in debating and a good skillset in communications. Besides that he likes to have fun drawing and gaming. Be sure to check out the facts not feelings genre to find some eye-opening matters.

Namish Singh, a man of extreme dedication and an extremely active person. To all gamers and tech-fans, don't forget to subscribe to get weekly updates from in the e-sports and tech genre!

Karan Chitnis, the eternal misfit, dog whisperer, equal opportunity offender, hyperverbal, approximate knowledge holder of many thing and can guarantee that he'd work for food. Thank god it's friday!

Manish B.R aka Bill Nye the science guy of team Zeven. Manish actively participates in sports and has a great i.q and he's here to discuss some mind-grinding things with you! if its science you know who to check out.


Sidharth Rungta aka the guy in the group that only thinks about football. Just kidding, he's pretty sane (or is he). Sidharth is an excellent writer and a sports fanatic so see that you're updated in the world of sports through the sports genre! 


Meet our Head of Marketing, Aarohi Kumar. Aarohi is known to be a talented dancer, public speaker and loves music. besides that she's probably an unbeatable binge watcher. Be sure to follow her and contact her for some awesome collaborations!


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