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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

In this post, I want to share a story. This is a story of the times when the West Indies ruled over cricket. Clive Llyod their captain did not have the word all-rounder in his dictionary, he played 5 batsmen, 5 bowlers, and 1 wicket-keeper the bowler did not know how to bat and the batsmen didn’t know how to bowl, by this theory he ruled over cricket for 20 years. They won the World Cup of 1975 and 1979.

Imagine that your in Lords, 1983 World Cup final India vs West Indies, West Indies win the toss and choose to bowl, India play like ants, racing against cheetahs, India all out for 183. That is what happens when a 7 feet long Malcolm Marshal bowls to you when there is no bouncer rule and no Helmets. People said that he loved blood on the pitch, he was like a big monster. People start believing that West Indies will win there third World Cup in a row. And that’s perfectly logical

West Indies Start their innings, opener CG Greenidge got out early. Then comes IVA Richards you can compare him to present-day Virat Kohli or Steve Smith, he hits 8 fours in the first 13 balls he faces. He scores 33 runs in just 28 balls and by today’s standards, it‘s like hitting 60 runs in 20 balls. But the games changed, Kapil Dev took his catch, and then there opener DL Haynes got out for 45. West Indies crumble after that, All out for just 140, India wins the World Cup and comes back home.

India emerges as the winners against the reigning champions West Indies in World Cup 1983.

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Now the fun begins, the West Indians and their media got furious.

For them it was just like, a monkey slaps a lion and then climbs up on a tree.

West Indies players could not take it, so their board asked BCCI for a tour of West Indies to India, 6 ODI, and 6 Tests.

And then BCCI like idiots accept there proposer, I will justify myself in some time.

It was like BCCI was jumping in the lion‘s den.

West Indians came to India, the score of the ODI was

6-0 to West Indies, I believe I have justified myself now.

They won by more than 150 runs in 4 of the 6 ODI.

Another amazing fact is that in the scorecard only one thing was written bowled by Malcolm Marshall caught by Jeff Dujon (wk).

By then, Indians and the Indian media believed that winning the 1983 World Cup was just by fluke.

The story is not over yet, 6 tests were next, everyone was convinced that the same scoreline will be followed in tests too.

In the first test, West Indies win by 250 runs and an innings, the match was over in 3 and a half days, Malcolm Marshall took 12 wickets in that match of which 8 were bowled, after winning the world cup and then this, it was like someone has removed your pants in front of 1000 people for the Indians.

Then the story takes another turn,

Physiologists were called before the second test to do the counseling of Sunil Gavaskar, for all of those who don’t know who Sunil Gavaskar is, he was debatably the best batsmen of those times.

After the session, Sunil Gavaskar’s mindset changed, He started believing in himself.

Physiologists told him that if Malcolm Marshall can bowl bouncers at 150 km/hr, you can also hit hooks and score sixes on those balls.

And guess what, that’s what happened.

West Indies won the toss and told India to bat first, In the first over Sunil Gavaskar hits 4 fours to Malcolm Marshall, Malcolm Marshall writes in his autobiography that “Indian Cricket changed that day” it didn’t change when we got the World Cup home but it changed when Gavaskar hit Malcolm Marshall for 4 fours in an over.

He scores 107 not out in the first innings, it has only happened twice in Indian cricket history.

This is the power of Mindset.

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