Coding- Is the hype all worth it ?

Updated: Jan 10

It existed before this lockdown but it never got the attention it deserved. It all started with the Indian Education system announcing coding mandatory from grade 6, all of a sudden out of thin air, one of the many, a start-up named WhiteHat jr. popped up with all those flashy ads which, were promoted by glamorous celebrities and eventually coding became a household name in this lockdown.

All of a sudden coding has become so hyped up, anywhere you go you see either its ads or posts be it digitally or physically. Is the hype all worth it?

2020, was the year when technology changed it's status from "a luxury" to "a necessity" and we virtually existed in the tech world, from work to relaxation we solely depended on our technologies.

Imagine the world after 10 years,2030, where the world is completely controlled by the tech, most of the jobs have disappeared, coding would almost become a necessity. The objects around you are all programmed, the computer would not even start without its source code, your mobile, speakers, switch and even you’re A.c. you are sitting under!

Coding is just yet another language, or as people nowadays call it "the language of the future". Here are some facts which make coding more favorable and interesting which makes it stand out from the others

1. Digital age- as I spoke mentioned earlier, in a decade in a world where tech dominates most of our activities, coding would not be a skill rather a necessity.

2. Improves your problem-solving abilities – As you might know, coding is all about logic, math, and our ability to solve the given problem which, when did frequently would help us with our problem-solving skills.

3. It’s easy to learn – Python, which is used to develop AI is considered one of the most efficient and easy to use programming languages, many masters this programming languages from scratch within 6 months!

4. Helps in being organized and systematic – The code is written usually has to follow a particular syntax and has to be in a systematic way, therefore, even in real life you tend to be more organized and systematic over a few things.

5. Helps you understand the tech better – when you code Java or C++, your codes helps you understand how your computer works, how does it carry it’s daily work, and helps you to understand the working of various objects around you!

6. And finally career! - Software engineers do get paid very well compared to other professions and are very well in demand if you want to pursue a job which is something you love doing and that job pays you well, you are lucky, man!

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