FAU-G: Not really for Gamers

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

So the very first trailer for the very first indian mainstream game called FAU-G by Ncore just came out and i have to be honest, it is not off on a bright start.

Before I continue, please note that i mean absolutely no disrespect to this nation and it‘s soldiers and have immense gratitude. This review will clearly talk about the game itself.

So there is not much information/ stuff to talk about Ncore games. They’re just a company based out of Bangalore who are now making India’s first biggest game (that‘s the most polite I could be btw). Judging by the story I don’t see much work on the storyline of the game or any development/work on the characters. The game‘s map seems to be based in Galwan Valley, the place where Indian and Chinese soldiers fought aka the reasons why you lost PUBG.

Now I was never a PUBG guy myself. I played it for a week or something and then I left And the reason why is because its graphics were nothing as compared to it’s pc and PS4 version, plus the glitches and network lag were enough for me. But I can only appreciate Tencent Games for its efforts in making way too big as hell maps and its wide range of weapons alongside the impressive character customisation you could ever find in a mobile battle royale game.

Judging by the trailer, we can clearly see that FAU-G is just a dig at china to probably show them that India is capable enough even in making video games but that’s just it. There’s nothing else. It’s just Ncore games selling Nationalism, which isn‘t wrong in general although it seems weird when you have to force it on someone just for you to prove your agenda.

Now let’s talk graphics, mechanism and modes. The graphics are again, not very impressive and very basic. Perhaps even a bit lower than PUBG Mobile’s low graphics setting. There‘s not enough work on detailing especially when it comes to the faces. The textures seem to be presets and again, very very basic. Lastly, what bother’s me the most is the way the characters are built and move. You know the game’s not that great when you can see someone’s arm squishing in their shoulders during movements. The Map doesn‘t seem to be worked upon either.

Coming to modes, it seems that FAU-G would probably be like any counter strike copy game you find on the play store. Beyond that, I’d say there might be options of team death matches, bots and 1v1 matches But a battle royale with those graphics would probably be a distant idea.

Now again, a little note for the radicals: I respect soldiers and the country but when you remove a game that was almost a part of someone’s occupation, you offer them something of that exact quality or better. This was clearly about the game itself and why it needs more work. That’s it. If they have to sell it in the name of patriotism then it would be close to altruism unlike all others forms of showing gratitude to the military.

Lastly, I wouldn’t say that you don’t play this game at all because that would be defamation and i don‘t have 200 cr so judge for yourself. If you had the exact same thought as i did, comment down below and give me your opinion on it as a gamer. Follow us on our instagram and leave a like. Cheers.

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