Freedom Of Speech and where to find it

Freedom of Speech, one of the most important rights, given to us under a free and strong country. Under article 10 of the Human Rights act, Freedom of Speech/Expression is the right to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas without any censorship, restrictions or limitations. Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution states that all of citizens of this country have the right express their opinions and convictions freely through any medium of communication. Freedom of speech is one of the most important fundamental and/or human rights. I’m sure you are aware of the phrase “The Pen is mightier than the Sword”, it was created by Edward Bulwar-Lytton to indicate that communication is a more effective tool than direct violence. When I say this exact phrase or when I agree with the meaning of this phrase I do not mean to insult our military power in any way, no no, we owe a lot to the military and we should respect that but I won’t talk about this anymore, I have liberals to burn, let’s move on, shall we?

In India, freedom of speech is restricted, mostly when it’s about the topic of Religion since India is a ‘Secular’ country with different people of different religion. I won’t talk much about India’s tolerance on freedom of speech, otherwise I will run out of content. Besides India there are other countries that do support freedom of speech, The United States Of America being at the top to tolerate free speech. Although the government does provide the fundamental right, this unique right has started to reach its decline. I’m not saying this for dramatic effect, well partly but it’s true. In the past few years you may have noticed a huge rise in the social justice activism community, you may seen change, good change, but what you may have not noticed is their true motive, to ban freedom of speech. Why? The left has a habit to shut down those who slightly oppose them by simply yelling. That’s all. If you ever want to fight for a cause just be sure that your throat can yell for a whole day. If I get 500 views on this I might even make a thesaurus specifically for them and if they order it I might send a regular thesaurus too so that they’ll know that there are other words besides Trump, racist, sexist, transphobe and a lot of abuses for backup in-case someone ever corrects them ‘Factually’.

Let me quickly run you through the things you will most likely find when you end up in an argument with one of them. You’ll most likely find a large amount of abuses heading towards you, you are most likely to be accused of mysogny, transphobia, homophobia etc. (depends on the argument), even if they walk away you will always have the upper hand since you know you won. Trust me on this one, I have literally argued with so many of them from a young age. I have been in arguments with a lot of teachers on political topics and somehow they think I am being rude to them, trying to bully them or something , which I’m clearly not, I’m just trying to point something out, something I find wrong but they just ‘accuse’ me by calling me rude. Compare this to a Charlie Kirk video and you’ll see what I mean.

These people may be fighting for a cause but they barely have solutions. The solutions I have heard so far are all either Trump related, kill all men, punish white people and call a person what they prefer by completely ignoring basic facts. These people suggest that Trump, the president , to be deported from the country after the whole ‘Wall’ incident, their solution for gender equality is to give men lesser than women and then say that they achieved equality, they want people to be called by a pronoun they prefer rather than the sex and gender assigned to them at birth, they think reverse racism doesn’t exist, I mean what’s next? Are you guys going to force me to believe that the earth is flat, make me talk to all fast food restaurant managers?

These people are trying to erase science and history and trying to make one that suits them. I believe that there are 2 genders because I know basic science, the one that we were taught as children but I wouldn’t be rude if I was having dinner with a trans man or woman, if I’m talking to them in person then I would refer to them with the pronouns they prefer but if you ask me on a public forum or here then I would say that there are 2 genders.

During the recent BLM movement a lot of statues of great public figures were removed and defaced. These people even removed the statues of those founders who helped America grow yet this is what they get. These people are trying to erase history since it does not fit their image of justice. Meanwhile statues of communists and terrible personalities still remain. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Makes you think how foolish these people can be. They have destroyed hundreds and thousands of businesses, burned down houses attacked the defenceless and these people call themselves heroes. “hOw DAre yOU?”

After seeing all of this I didn’t have anything to say. Its terrible to see a country like this burn down due to this hypocrisy. They are silencing people like us. People like us, who are just trying to point out what’s wrong are being accused, harassed, assaulted. Even on college campuses, professors show a significant bias to people like us. Micheal Knowles was almost assaulted on a college campus, Ben Shapiro was threatened by a ‘Transwoman’ on national TV, Steve Crowder was assaulted at a rally. There are a lot people just like you and me forced to be quiet and accept this change and completely ignore the wrong things.

That’s it for now, we will talk again, I hope you liked my post cause if you didn’t then press the bloody button (im using a laptop so I don’t know If I can add an emoji to not make it serious), make sure that you subscribe to our mailing list so that you don’t miss out from us or follow us on instagram @adroit_blogs and comment down your experiences and thoughts on this, share this post and I will make a leftist thesaurus.


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