God, The Big Bang and Atheists

Before we begin I’d just like to say that this post is not meant to disrespect any religion or god, I do not mean to disrespect any of your gods and if I did please let me know so that I can change it, be sure to read it till the end to see what I mean

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Facts Not Feelings. Today we have several things to whine about and since I’m on a deadline I’ll just get right into it. Let’s start with the big bang theory first.

The big bang theory, not really a big fan of both, the event and the show, at one place you have laugh soundtracks on everything and on the other hand you have humanity, the original plague. So what is the big bang theory? In simpler terms the Big Bang (how did they not find a better name) is the explanation of the beginning of the universe starting with a small singularity. If I got into to the details of the….of the…..big bang, it would probably take a lot of time and effort (the two things I don’t have) and I’m sure you guys already know what it is. So, how does God come in this? What is God? Was he always there?

In monotheistic thought, God is considered to be a supreme being, creator deity and principle object of faith. Some say God is the creator and sustainer of the universe but some say that he is only the creator and not sustainer. The proper definition of God is that God is the only supreme-being, the creator and ruler of the universe. Now this is where I butt in, it’s tough for me to comprehend that there’s a person out there who created the universe and humanity at the same time. When people say God created the universe it’s just a way of denying science, now science hasn’t gone too far to understand who did this big of a prank and no, you can believe in god, no one’s stopping you, I believe in god too (not fully devoted or something). Moving on to the next question that is, was God always there? All depends on the proof of God’s existence.

When you question God’s existence you question the existence of an afterlife as in is there a hell and a heaven, if there’s a hell does Satan rule it? If Satan does exist why doesn’t God kill him, I mean the average man has no hesitation in saying the Devil made him commit his sins so just stop the Devil and his ‘Cerebro’, after all isn’t God the supreme-being? No, I’m not challenging God; I’m not brave at the slightest. I’m just asking, whyyyy? If God is the supreme-being why is the world full of troubles? After the people started believing in God there came something known as religion which surprisingly wasn’t so rigid then as much as it is right now. As humanity evolved religion expanded and the meaning of god completely changed. God went from a single Supreme-being to a status symbol, think about it, Zeus- the god of thunder, Varuna- the god of oceans or Thor- god of hammers. The term God of has completely changed what God is. Apparently there are 30 million gods worshipped in India. India is backed up by religion, the people are so sensitive about it, there’s literally so many disputes going on about religion and purity, whoever did this must be really proud of themselves now.

The whole purpose of religion was to attain salvation in life, religion was supposed to teach you moral values but look at it now, everyone is so controlled by their religious belief that it almost feels as if you’re living in a different country even if you’re 5 steps closer to each (that made 0 sense, sounded better in my head). The way people condemn each other’s beliefs and harm lives because of this is (in simple words) messed up. This brings me to the next item on the agenda, Atheism. Atheists are those who simply don’t believe in the existence of God or religion. I don’t have much to say about them, most leftists are atheist that’s why people who believe in the true meaning of religion say that its losing its value. The reason why religion is losing is value is not just due to atheists though, the way humans have changed religion is also one of the reasons why its losing its value and less people believe in it, I mean 33 million gods in one country itself, how can you expect them to follow religion?

Religion will only get back its importance when people who fight for their religion and think their religion is above all start preaching what their religion is teaching them and yes, it’s fine to be an atheist and it’s fine not too, cause till science does not arrange a meeting with God, there’s a good chance that you’re right. Also please sort out the 33 million gods.

That’s it for this week, I did not mean to offend anybody, there’s the right to freedom of speech and the right to protect ones culture, neither of us can do anything either ways, comment down below what you think about it, also like and share this post and to follow us on Instagram just click here.

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