How can recycling save our environment?


While many are obsessed and stressed with their work during this pandemic, recycling might attract possibly none of their focus and energy. Many would dump their waste outside their home every morning after a late-night work or hand them over to the people who collect them which may or may not recycle them, here are few essential reasons why to ensure the recycling of your products:

1. Saves trees: This is the first reason which comes to your head, imagine you recycle your old newspapers, which is a well-known fact that papers are made out of trees. Now, instead of cutting one more tree to produce the amount of paper you have thrown away, we save one!

Here is a fact:

If every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, we would save about 25,000,000 trees a year.

There are many more benefits of recycling which is basically the

disadvantages of trees being cut, here are some:

  • Excessive air pollution: due to the ever-growing population and declining number of trees, the amount of pollution gradually increases, trees are the only source which can directly control the amount of pollution but with lesser number of trees and many sources for the emission of CO2 The number of trees could not cope of with the amount of pollution which would lead to excessive air pollution.

  • Lowers greenhouse gases: Again, the same logic is applied here, CO2 is a Greenhouse gas and hugely affects the environment in the form of global warming which is usually is absorbed by the trees around us, but due to the lack of trees it results

2. Saves energy: making a new product out of the recycled product, it is estimated that recycled aluminium can save more than 95% of energy compared to the tin can made from raw materials. During the production of recycled glass, it gives the manufactures the benefit to keep the furnaces at a lower temperature.

3. Minimizes the total amount of waste: By recycling products it helps us to minimize the waste accumulation as the volume of the products remains constant neither less no more which even helps to preserve nature.

4. Prevents environmental pollution- the products which are neither recycled nor burned are mostly thrown away in the environment or in the rivers which may not cost lives of the humans but can cause the lives of animals who are unaware of the plastic or any other garbage in their food or which may appear as food to them.

5. Creates more space: Thanks to recycling, the amount of waste would be constant and we would not have to create more land area for the landfills, which would ensure more area for living or any other work.

6.Creates a sustainable future: By recycling the products, we leave the future behind abundant and variety of vast resources, hopefully, they’d use it well and pass that on to the next generation and continue the cycle.

7. It's easy and safe: Rather than dumping your garbage, recycle and get paid!

Contact the nearest recycling shop near you to collect the waste from you and according to the amount of waste and recyclability he or she’d pay you.

I would heartily encourage y’all to recycle; it’s safe, easy, benefits you economically and benefits the environment and the future generations handsomely.

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