How to utilize your time efficiently

How to utilize your time efficiently

Managing your time is an art, that can easily be mastered.

It’s very important to know why do we even need to manage our time, most of us know it but still, I want to give a very appropriate reason to it.

“First we kill our time, then time kills us”


This quote opened my mind, I hope the same is the case with you too. We need to know that time is the biggest luxury mother nature can provide us, it can’t be created nor be destroyed. Yes, it can be utilized to its fullest potential,

So, without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

I want to start with a question,

How many of you can say that we don’t won't waste a single bit of the 24 hours we get?

I certainly feel no one. Why, because we waste most of our time thinking about what will we be doing next, in the next hour, the next day, month, etc. This is called Procrastination, if we stop this, we will master the art.

We are always thinking about something, then another thought comes to our mind, then another and another. This has a center point, that’s desire. Buddhism also says that “Desire is the cause of suffering”


If someone’s mind is completely peaceful, he or she can rewind and see, where did it all start.

If you think carefully, when you are reading this also there are thoughts in your mind PAUSE.

Tell your mind to rewind, ask yourself where did it all start.

If you start this practice, you will know in which direction your mind is going and you can control it.

Your thoughts are a vector quantity, they have some direction to them. They lead you to sadness our happiness. If you control them properly, you control your mind or your mind starts to control you.

Let’s take an example

You read a news that NASA is launching a rocket, then the thought of Science comes to your mind, then you think of the Home Work you haven’t finished yet, then you think of the day when you didn’t finish your homework and the teacher shouted at you Infront of the whole class, then a though of your school friends comes to your mind, then you remember that your best friends birthday is coming, so you have to buy a gift for him, you then think of a toy.

PAUSE rewind, it all started from you reading a news of NASA launching a rocket. This is the power of your mind, control it or it will control you.

Constantly ask yourself, where did I start from. This is easier said than done. Stopping your thought process is very tough. The best way is to ask yourself a question, “What is the most important thing to be done now

Work on it leave everything behind, do that now.

A question kills your thought process, I am repeating “a right kind of question kill your thought process”

Let me ask you a question, Are you aware?


What happened, all the thought your mind stopped, now ask yourself what is the most important thing to be done now

This is what we have to do, ask a right kind of question it’s magical it can break your thought process, and the best question to be asked is What is the most important thing to be done now.” You will definitely get an answer.

Another practice that you can follow is to constantly feed yourself with good things, constantly remind yourself “I am unique, and I am the best” this will also help you control your neural pattern and conquer your mind.


If finding what’s the most important thing is tough for you, make a schedule that will surely help to find the answer, and once you get that start working immediately. Make a chart and paste it somewhere you can read it regularly. This is called Time management.

Be clear in what is to be done and you will never waste time.

To sum it all up

Whenever you are stuck in your thoughts, PAUSE and REWIND check where did this thought came from.

  • Ask this question

What is the most important thing to be done right now?

  • The right kind of question kills your thought process.


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