Introduction to a new world - i.e. Quantum Mechanics

Updated: Nov 12, 2020


"Physics " - is used everywhere in this universe, from the tiniest atom to the largest creature in this earth unknowingly uses physics for its survival. From walking on plain surfaces to landing on planets in this massive universe we use it unknowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

Physics is broadly divided into two parts –

· Classical physics

· Quantum physics

The classical physics governs the activities which we perform most in our daily life, for example: throwing a ball up in air, kicking the football i.e. daily life activities. Concepts like Energy, momentum, angular momentum.

The areas where we cannot use classical physics is when we work with objects with high speed, for example the speed of light

Another area where Quantum physics comes in play is in the study of objects in microscopic level, i.e. Atoms, molecules, electrons.

which means inside the quantum world the general laws of physics for example the laws of newton are inapplicable.

Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory which provides details about the physical properties and nature about the sub – atomic particles. It also forms the base of all quantum physics including quantum chemistry, quantum field theory, and quantum technology.

The word “quantum”- means small, particles at a smaller level and “mechanics” means the working, so the term means understanding the working of particles at a minute scale.

Although there is much of information about this topic remains to be discovered. for example: we cannot predict the position of an electron in an certain time at an certain place.

How did physicists come with the concept of quantum physics?


For most of the 19th Century the science community agreed that light is an wave, until the discoveries made by scientists in the early 20th century started to question that, when observed closely light behaves like an particle in certain experiments while it behaved like wave in certain experiments, which meant that light is both, a wave and particle which in further led to the fundamental theory of quantum mechanics.

If I had to summarize quantum mechanics I’d say

“It is the study of the microscopic objects for example- atoms, electrons, protons etc.”

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