Living on the red planet

In one of my blogs, I wrote on the possibility of living on Mars, this is you can say a sequel to the previous blog on mars, and here is how I analyzed it:

What do we need to stay on mars?

  1. Food

  2. Shelter

  3. Clothing

  4. additionally oxygen and the atmosphere

Let us go through these each essential factors one by one:

In the beginning years of terraforming :

  1. Food – due to infertility in the soil, growing the number of crops the population needs is not possible, although we could grow 20% of the crops, and the rest would be transported from the earth, which would be dried and packed, so instead of the variety of food with different flavors and spices we would either eat fresh crops or dried packaged food.

2. Clothing: due to its lack of atmosphere, we would be exposed to high radioactive rays which on average is 5000 times more sunlight we would be exposed to, than on earth and cancer rates too, would be pretty high.

So we need something to wear which would protect us from the radioactive rays and also compensate for the loss of atmosphere.

Fortunately, there are two spacesuits designed for this particular reason. The first one, designed by NASA, the Z-2 prototype, and another is designed by an M.I.T. engineer. Which, is light and tight and is highly preferable.

Here is a picture for your reference:

Left: Z-2 prototype designed by the NASA, right : designed by an M.I.T. engineer.

3. Shelter: This is the most important part when it comes to long term living. Now you can live in mars in 2 ways, firstly you could live underground like, in the nuclear reactors to protect yourself against the radioactive rays or you could live on the land in Marsha!

Marsha is the martian home in which we could be live if we went to mars.This is designed by an AI space factory which is roughly in the shape of an egg. Made of basalt which is largely beneficial because it is found in large proportions on the mars and is easily accessible, here is a photo for your reference:

4. Oxygen: The percentage of oxygen in mars is roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide on earth, which is not sufficient for survival, Carrying an oxygen tank would not do the job as it could run out after a short period although 96% of the atmosphere is filled with Carbon dioxide(CO2) which contains oxygen and carbon, only if we remove carbon we could access oxygen in huge supplies, using a similar idea, NASA scientist developed MOXIE it produces oxygen using carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

5. Atmosphere:

  1. Mars has a very thin atmosphere, which makes does not protect us nor does rain though water can be found frozen below the soil.

If we want to live long term on the red planet we must terraform it:

How could we terraform mars?

Firstly, we need to create an atmosphere and warm the planet, yes! We need global warming on Mars.

With the help of global warming and the atmosphere, we could cultivate crops and it would eventually rain and we could create another earth and hopefully a safer one.

Creating an atmosphere and warming it up:

Due to the excess CO2 and extremes of temperature, most of the carbon dioxide is frozen in the form of ice on the poles of Mars.

Firstly we will heat that, which would help in the formation of the layer of Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Secondly, we will release greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide to heat the atmosphere.

When the atmosphere is sufficiently heated up, we will try to grow plants on the planet starting with the smaller ones like algae or fungi.

Gradually the water which was frozen in the soil will heat up and will retain its liquid form.

Eventually, with the growth of plants, MOXIE would not be needed anymore.

With plants, water, and sun the Formation of clouds will take place and it will eventually rain.

And, ladies and gentlemen that is how we would terraform mars.

Hopefully we would try to make this planet a safer ones and try not to ruin it as we did to our home planet.

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