Me and The Boys (yes the supes too)

Originated from the comic book series and brought to us by Amazon Prime The Boys has made a comeback with a second season with the first 3 episodes being released on September 4th and now new episodes every Friday. Now this post is clearly not going to be a review of the 4 episodes of season 2, this rather is a preview of Episode 5 coming this Friday, so spoiler alert! Before we get into the umm...diabolical-ness, I’d like to tell you 2 things. Firstly you NEED to watch this clip to understand the crap i’m about to spew (that sounded wrong) and secondly the crap that I’m spewing (still wrong) is divided into 2 major parts showing the 2 major things that we have seen so far from the sneak peek. Alright let’s get into it.

Part-A: Home-boy gone wrong (laser fetish alert)

Lets analyse what we saw about homelander from the sneak peak. The part about homelander starts with Claudia doumit, yes, The Claudia Doumit who plays the role of a politician and is seen talking about some of homelander‘s ‘war crimes’ in a huge (yes huge) protest. Judging from the fourth episode we can see that homelander clearly doesn’t like it that people have started to hate him so openly. You can see that his ego has been hurt heavily ever since the arrival of Stormfront, the nasty sjw. Oh By the way she can go Shazam and is just as crazy (controlled but eh) as homelander. After we see Claudia (yes, claudia) talk about war crimes, Homelander flies to the protest and tries to pacify the crowd (if he wanted he could zap everyone in the first place but he’s the starboy now ain’t he) but that clearly fails and so Homelander unleashes the beast and oh yeah it is diabolical. Judging from the very first teaser trailer of the second season, Homelander is seen lasering an army officer in a huge crowd and when you link it to this, VOILA. Homelander then starts lasering the ENTIRE CROWD. People are scattering here and there whereas mister maniac is just laughing. Nice. This is what you call unexpected. Now I’m sure after this Mr.Edgar played by THE GIANCARLO ESPOCITO is also gonna unleash the beast. If you don’t know why I’m making a big deal about this Edgar guy then you’ve clearly not seen Breaking Bad. Here Giancarlo’s role is simple, he’s always there to, well, tell homelander to sit his butt down in the most threatening way (he’s not even a supe ffs). Now that we have “analysed“ this let’s head to the second part.

Part- B: Black Noir’s time to shine

So this is how it starts. Hughie is talking to Mothers Milk (thats a name) saying he just got off the phone with Butcher and senses that something is very wrong Because on the phone Butcher was being NICE to hughie. WOW. MM clearly worries about BUTCHER BEING NICE and says “Tell me what he said”. Now there might be two reasons. The first could be that billy’s mind isn‘t working properly at the time since Becca just broke the news and broke up with him and that would have been tough for him to handle mentally or or or he might be in a tough spot and so he’s hiding his cover. But from what Krish? Well you remember that scene from the teaser where you see billy in a nightclub beating the crap out of someone? Wellllll. Anyway, we then see Mothers Milk (its name no need to laugh) and hughie at a really nice house in a really nice neighbourhood with houses high enough for black noir to hide and watch Billy and terror the dog reach the grand house. Now the part that i find confusing is that the house is owned by this lady Judy who has a british accent and KNOWS BUTCHER. You can MM and hughie sitting there and waiting for butcher and then Butcher enters and Judy says “Billy you should’ve told me you were bringing company”. WHO IS THIS JUDY? WHATS HER RELATION WITH BUTCHER? DID BUTCHER TELL HUGHIE AND MM TO MEET HIM THERE OR DID THEY TRACK HIM DOWN? That is the part i honestly do not know how to answer. Moving on, we then see Black Noir and Billy fight in a Burning house where butcher asks black noir if he’s here to take him down. Now the fight will be diabolical and ”spoiler alert, its gonna be epic” but what would be the result? Is another super hero about to die or does black noir reveal something to Butcher and joins the BOYS? I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but what if?

In the comic black noir was originally the clone of Homelander and is also the one who killed homelander and i know the writers would never take that arc but what if they did? Or what if they make Black noir the only good supe besides Annie. The reason why i am saying this is because we know that black noir isn’t that incapable of being killed by a normal human being and the show writers always give us a huge suspense at the end so what if this is one of it? We know till now that Homelander’s ego is going to burst badly, we know stormfront is the villain and immortal apparently. We know theres something deeper in the Deep’s arc. There are things we don‘t know bout Queen maeve and if the relationship between Hughie and Annie and Kimiko and Frenchie would evolve. We don‘t know what’s about to happen with Becca and Butcher. Who was liberty and why is how is she the same person as Stormfront?

Well That is my arc About what i think may happen and would be a major turn in the plot but comment down below what you think is about to happen (besides a lot of crap going down). If you liked this post then like this post by clicking the like option down below, comment (seriously I’d love to know more) and while you’re at it, share this post with your fellow boys and girls and be sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram to never miss out from us. Let’s look forward for the diabolical plans, till then good bye!

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