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Nepotism and Bollywood Film-Fair

This industry is one of the best in musical, television and film entertainment—Yes! Hollywood.

Nepotism has lately been the talk of the town. Nepotism in Bollywood has been nothing but inept acting passed down through generations. Nepotism in Bollywood is just like Dabangg, each year the quality effectively decreases.

The common characteristics needed to be a good actor are determination, hard work and experience, but in Bollywood, it is a successful dad. This sudden tussle against nepotism is kind of hypocritical because these same actors were worshiped for their miserable performances by the same people.

Tiger Shroff is a flag bearer of nepotism and mediocre acting. He only works in movies of one particular genre, which really helps him hone his work, by the way if you are wondering what that genre is, it is movies without a plot.

This fight against nepotism should be, people standing up for small talents rather than this ongoing toxic cyber-bulling, that day isn’t far when 3 year old Taimur will be shamed and bullied for having famous parents.

Bollywood is famous for their award shows; which are famous for their scam-ish background. Many workers in the industry have openly said about technical crew members being treated badly. The celebrities who have been nominated for their own work do not get food and water for the whole 4-6 hours show, while the big actors tune out after recording their parts, the fans and the debutants are the ones made to suffer. The late actor Rishi Kapoor had also admitted buying these awards. These award shows showcase: Dance performances, comedy sketches, singing, but awards.

The Biggest highlights of these shows are big actors singing and dancing to Bollywood numbers, which shows that they are not only bad at acting, but that they are equally bad at other art-forms too. The tickets for these shows range from 30,000 to 3,00,000 rupees. Oscars should get inspired from Bollywood Filmfares, am I not right? What's up with Oscars celebrating these actor's achievements which are scarcely ever acknowledged, instead they should just commercialise it and earn millions (am I right, Bollywood?).

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