PS5: The Next Gen Wifi Router?

When the ps5 was first announced on June 11, 2020; the world esports community was driven insane by the design and the excitement for the arrival of this console by the company. There were still many rumors about the ps5 but it wasn’t yet announced. There were plenty of jokes about the new PS5 design. Some called it an office folder while some called it a fowl’s beak or sometimes a taco. There were plenty other memes which compared the console to an enhanced wifi router or an evil lair on the top of a ghastly mountain.

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I personally was shocked by the release of the console. I felt really bad, not by the fact that ps5 was released but by the thought that I had recently purchased a ps4 knowing the rumors about the ps5. There still are many people like me but others are really excited about it. Its astonishing to see that people have already made their own ‘parody’ verions of the console. These versions were mainly based on video game themes for example the god of war version, assassins creed valhalla, and a lot more.

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The ps5 will be available from holidays 2020, which is mostly october-december 2020. But the present pandemic has a huge effect on the sales of the product. It is because most of the countries are firstly, not allowing people and shippings from abroad. As the shipping is not available the sales might go down. They might suffer a huge loss because of the pandemic and also a quite good amount of people won’t prefer to buy stuff unless its very much needed.

Now, lets focus on the features.

1. Ps5 loading times for games wil be super fast: unlike ps4 , the loading speed for games has been upgraded by a huge amount of time in terms of normal durations. We could take the example of the existing Marvel’s spider man, it initially took 8.10 seconds to load, whereas on the PS5, the loading time was reduced to 0.8 seconds.

2. Immersive 3D audio tech: This was created by Sony itself, especially for ps5. It uses custom hardware and also software algorithms to make in-game audio more realistic or in simpler words, more immersive.

3. Backwards compatibility with PS4 games: The top 100 most played games on ps4 will be usable on ps5, now if the games which you play are not included in the list, and you are willing to buy a ps5, they would go to waste.

4. 4K UHD Blu-ray drive: There's also a choice between a console with a 4K Blu-Ray drive and a Digital Edition that’s entirely disc-less for those who prefer the truly next-gen idea of downloading all of their ps5 games.


The distinction between the 2 types of consoles for ps5: the disc version and the entirely digital version is an advantage in itself. For those who want to save some storage space where you usually keep your CD’s, they could purchase the digital version otherwise there’s always the normal one. One more new feature is that you can keep your ps5 vertically as well. The collaboration with Insomniac games (developer of Spider Man: Miles Morales) and other game companies will benefit the company as well as the buyers as they could be retailed free with the ps5.


The leaked price is believed to be $499, whereas in countries which impose luxury tax the price will boom up by a significant amount. For example India, where the luxury tax is 28%, the price will be around $895(67K in INR) which is almost 2 times the original leaked cost and is much more costlier.

When you should buy a ps5

1. Based on your current gaming habit and your post ps5 gaming habit: It depends if you are a serious gamer and you are interested in buying the ps5, you should go ahead. But, if you don’t play games too often and want to buy a ps5, it would fairly be a waste of money because if the games which you play are not included in the list of top 100 games, they would just sit there and be a guest for dust.

2. Price limit: This is the most important aspect to consider while buying a ps5, especially in countries with luxury tax. If the price exceeds your limit, it is advisable to not buy it at that time and most probably wait till the price settles a little.

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