Schrödinger’s cat experiment


If you are interested in science or are a man of quantum physics you may be familiar with this famous thought experiment or you must be living under a rock.


In 1935, in reply against the Copenhagen experiment, Ervin Schrödinger devised an experiment, which he never did, more like a thought experiment.

He proposed an experiment in which a cat is inside a box with a sealed vial of poison which could or could not break within an hour, after an hour the cat either could be dead or alive with the probability of 50-50 until we open the box and reveal its true state.


Photo: Erwin Schrodinger

You guys may be wondering what does this experiment’s significance or this experiment explains us? This experiment helps us to understand the motion of the particles in quantum physics, quantum physics id the study of the particle in the minutest level it forms the understanding of the universe.

Inside the world of quantum, physics particles tend to behave strangely which is tough for a human brain to understand.

Schrodinger devised this thought experiment to explain the strangeness of quantum mechanics.

Let me give you an example, Imagine the atom of hydrogen, the electron revolves around the nucleus. Now, the electron could be present anywhere in the orbit of a hydrogen atom or a superposition until observed when it decides to collapse and choose on position.

Example 2, Imagine a wave with a particle now, the particle could be in a superposition until observed when it decides to collapse and choose one definite position.

Many even quote using this famous experiment for example

“until observed you failed and passed”

“They won and lost until you see for yourself”.


The Schrödinger’s cat was a thought experiment proposed by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 in an attempt to explain the strangeness of quantum mechanics.

In simple words, he was a man who disliked cats and put one of them in a box with an unstable sealed poison which could explode at any random time in an hour, until then the cat is in a superposition, i.e. Dead and alive until observed after an hour this phenomenon helps us understand quantum mechanics more clearly and the superposition of particles.

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