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It’s been 2 years since famous guitarist and songwriter George Ezra had revealed the biggest album in his career, ‘Staying at Tamara’s’. If you don’t know who George Ezra is I will just leave a link to one of his songs and leave the judging up to you. So before we get in please listen to the song and then lets continue.

George Ezra is quite a good artist and in my opinion, a pretty underrated one. Before releasing Staying at Tamara’s back in 2018, George Ezra had been gone for 4 years. That’s right. In the beginning he was known for making songs like “Cassy’o, Budapest, Listen to the man”etc. The reason why he was gone links to his method of song-writing. The thing about George Ezra is that he tends to always base songs through his experiences. For example; according to the singer, budapest was written because of a story where he was out travelling and was supposed to visit Budapest on his tour but somehow missed his flight. Is that enough for you to get it? Cool.

When asked on the Graham Norton show on why he was not making any music for so long, the artist said that he had trouble with his comfort zone. The thing was he got too comfortable by the way he was coming up with ideas and said he decided to do something vague as a celebrity and here’s what he did to overcome his block. He decided to stay with a random stranger called Tamara he found on the internet. This is how George came up with the title of the album‘s title Staying At Tamara’s. So now what is this album, and why is it a mood?

The album has 11 songs in total. The songs are: Paradise, Shotgun, Don’t matter now, get away, Pretty shining people, sugarcoat, all my love, beautiful dream, saviour, hold my girl and only a human. if you have heard all the songs then you can understand the meaning behind each song. Shotgun, Paradise, Get away are all calming, thrilling and funky in their own ways. Sugarcoat, all my love, a beautiful dream are clearly ’love’ songs so i don‘t really prefer them. Lastly, songs like Hold my girl, saviour and only a human are songs that billie eilish fans aka emo teens call relatable only here you don’t to face any emo-propaganda. Let me explain why i say this. Lets take shotgun, sugarcoat and saviour as examples. Shotgun was a song George wrote when he was on a vacation in barcelona and says he was really relaxed then and decided to make the song describe his feelings about the beautiful city and how it helped him relax (since he struggled with anxiety and OCD’s). If you have heard this song then you know that Ezra did exactly what he wanted To do. To make the audience feel that exact vibe. This is why the song doesn’t have trash in it unlike mumble rap (i said what i said, dont judge me). The next song is Sugarcoat. I’m going to be quick about this cause i don’t like this type Of music so here we go. Well according to Ezra, the song is simply a story about him and someone he loved (none of our business, please) and also a trip that they went to in South Africa and how they shared some good moments there. aparently, all love songs are dedicated to his girlfriend. OKAY so the third one and probably the best one. Tbh i recommend all his music because for one thing, its genuinely good and you wont find this good music anywhere else. This brings me to emo teens.

So the last mood is something almost every singer sings about these days. Relatabilty aka depression. Now for the lucky ones that don‘t know what i’m talking about, here’s a few titles to give you an example. lets take Modern Loneliness by Lauv. Modern loneliness by the title is clearly a song about depression Something most teenagers always feel (No, they don’t, it’s all just for the free trip to Starbucks). These songs are created because not only is the listener supposed to relate but the creator is actually expressing how they feel. So for example if the song Modern loneliness has the following lyrics such as, “Love my friends to death but I never call and I never text“. Here Lauv is trying to tell us that sometimes he likes to be alone despite of loving the company of his friends and the listeners is probably going trough the same thing (or they just need to put in their stories in the middle of the night, boo-hoo). Now there are 2 issues i find with this type of music. Firstly it can only relate to a limited group of audience and depends on what part of life their talking about. Secondly, *I* don’t like how it gives people a chance to hide their rather unpleasant personalities for no reason. And this may sound biased, I dont know, but the way Ezra managed to make these songs rather motivational is what makes me listen to them.

So the last song i’d like to discuss in called Saviour. Saviour does have the kind of emo music in the beginning but the lyrics manage to help the song be a bit less ’emo’ (I’ve targeted all 14 year olds today). Now the lyrics of Saviour have some biblical reference‘s but they are not really linked to the meaning of the song. The main lyric of the song is “Being your own saviour, is it saving you?”. This doesn’t have a story exactly and is again just there for relatability. Now the whole song literally is just him mainly asking that if you are independent and don’t need someone else to save you, why are you doubting yourself. That’s it. That’s all it is. It’s just a big question as to why do you doubt yourself. I know its messed up but let me help you out. Here’s a link to staying at Tamara’s. Hear it out and you will love the blog even more.

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