The butterfly effect.

Let me start this post with a thought experiment-

Think of a person who lives in the present, whom you hate, you wish that he or she disappears for ten-thousand years.

Scenario 1- In this universe your wish has been taken into account and the desired person has been disappeared for ten – thousand years.

Scenario 2- Somewhere in the parallel universe your wish has been considered (“Apparently, this world is not a wish-granting factory” - Hazel graze) and the person lives.


The year is 12020.

To be noted – the death of the universe is not taken into account.

Scenario 1 - People are living comfortably, they have enough resources to cherish the luxury of having their own backyard outside their huge house as the humanity lives happily.

Scenario 2 – The world has changed. People are fighting over the tiniest resources such as air, the population has increased by more than 10 crores (not the exact value), you do not possess the luxury of having your own backyard.

This story was just narrated for the reader’s reference

Did you guys notice? That how a tiny person managed to pull of such a massive change the future, which resulted in two contrasting scenarios

This is the butterfly effect

The butterfly effect describes how the tiniest difference can bring a massive change in the future, this is a part of chaotic theory and could be used to explain the importance of the tiniest atom in the current universe.

This effect was also implied in many classic time – travelling stories, when you start to notice these effects happening around you would come with endless examples and would realize the importance of the people and nature around you.

Concluding, this effect helps us to appreciate the tiniest dust particles, your loved ones and the nature around you.

This is one of the most beautiful effects – that is all I have to say.

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