The cheat code for students "***"

Hey Guys, I am back with another awesome post.

By the title you already know this post is special and it is, if you read the post properly and follow what i say (if you want to), your life will change positively, i can assure you that.

As this post is a bit special, you can't read it just by lying on you bed or sitting on your sofa, bring a paper and a pen and start writing what I say.

Please don't leave this post in between, I don't say this all the posts but please don't for this one in particular because half knowledge is harmful, don't worry it won't be too long.

I hope you have taken a pen and a paper, so lets begin.

STEP 1: Divide the paper into three parts columns

Its pretty simple no explanation needed.

STEP 2: In the first column write your short term goals

So what do i mean by short term goals, I mean the goals you want to achieve in the next 2 months.

Write them down in a very elaborate manner. Write every point with great detail. For example, if you want to score good marks in a test, how much? and in the case of an exam how much in each subject. Another example maybe, if you want to exercise regularly, then how much time a day.

Write 4-5 goals like this and leave 4-5 lines in between each of them.

Image source

Done? If yes, well done move down, if no what are you doing sir/madam


Step 3: In the next column write the purpose.

I mean that if you want to score a 100 in mathematics then why, if you want to fix your sleep patter, why. Maybe you want to prove yourself, that can be a reason, if you want to make your parents happy, go ahead. You don't want to waste you time in the morning that can be a reason for the second goal.

Step 4: In the last column, give the heading MAP.

So in this column you write how are you going to make all this happen. What are you going to do, to make it happen. Its pretty simple just write how you are going to reach to that goal.

Step 5: On a new page, make a schedule.

Now half you may be like, Nah I am not going to do this. Trust me this is the game changer. If you know what to do and when to do, we humans just do it. I know all of us can agree on the fact that we waste half of our time thinking what are we going to do next. If we don't waste this time, in this time we can do whatever we want to do, you may play games as I do or maybe read a book try a hobby etc. This is the most important of all of the Steps. If you guys want I can write another post on Timetable.

So what have we done till know, we have made a plan for the next 2 months, we now know what to do and when to do what, moreover by making a timetable we have basically reduced the time that we waste. All this will also help you to fight with procrastination.

Now the word you guys came for, I have used it many times in the post.

It is NOW.

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Just do what you are doing now, focus on one thing at a time and you will never waste time, and by wasting time I don't mean playing games or scrolling Instagram, I mean actually wasting time.

And still if you haven't done whatever is written above, what are you doing. Please do it, it will surely help you.


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Until next time Good Bye!

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