The earth of 2200

When we think about the future we think about technology, AI (artificial intelligence), and perhaps species extinction.

In order to understand the concept better, we would break down the possibilities which could happen in the next couple of decades.

Here are somethings that I have listed out that could bring huge change in our lifestyle in the following decades:

  • Global warming

  • Species extinction

  • Over-exploitation

  • Population growth

  • Artificial intelligence

  • High technology

  • Robot uprising (just kidding)

Now, we have jotted down all the points which could make a massive change in the future, now we just have to brief these points a little and take a peek into 2200!

1. Global warming - This is a topic of which most of us are aware of, it's the

gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere, which simply means the slow increase of temperature in our ecosystem.

How would it be different in 2200?

Stats time !

According to the internet the average temperature in 2019 was 1.28 degree Celsius, while the temperature increases by 0.07 degree Celsius since 1880 per decade, however the rise of temperature since 1981 has doubled i.e. 0.18 degree Celsius.

  • The average temperature of 2013: 1.28 C˚

  • The average increase per decade: 0.18 C˚

  • Increase of temperature of the next 187 years: (0.18*19)C˚

= 3.24 C˚

  • So, Average temperature in 2200 : (1.28 + 3.24)C˚

= 4.52 C˚

now, one might say "how could 2 degree change our lifestyle ?" and if you too think the same you are hugely mistaken, here's how:

We all know that the melting point of ice is 0˚C

And it melts at temperatures higher than that, the melting of ice primarily depends on two factors:

  1. The temperature

  2. The volume of the ice

As the current average Temperature is 1.28˚C which is above the melting point, as volume of icebergs is enormous, the melting occurs quite slowly and could take years or even decades to melt but one must not forget that in 2200 the average temperature would spike up to 4.5˚C, and the speeding rate would be 4 times more than of today and could affect the icebergs rapidly all over the world.

What would happen if all ice melts?

Here is an extract, read it carefully:

“If all the ice covering Antarctica, Greenland, and in mountain glaciers around the world were to melt, sea level would rise about 70 meters (230 feet). The ocean would cover all the coastal cities. And land area would shrink significantly. But many cities, such as Denver, would survive.”

If we even include the ice of the arctic the sea level would rise say, 90 -100m (these are the rough estimates, just to provide a basic understanding of

the dangers of global warming).

2. Population growth :

The current population of the world is around 7.8 billion, while the growth rate per year is 1.05%, Experts say that the population of the world by 2200 will increase by 28%! Which is (28/100 * 7.8) = which is roughly 2.2 billion, so the total population in 2200 would be 11 billion.

3. Over-exploitation :

If we follow the current trend of consuming our resources, it is estimated that we would consume all of our resources till 2050!

Resources like coal,petroleum take upto 2000 years to renew.

So if we continue to exploit them they could exhaust themselves over the next 30 years, imagine: no coal, no petroleum, no diamonds.

I leave the rest up to you.

Artificial intelligence:

We can confidently say that the rise of artificial intelligence in the past decade was phenomenal, from the introduction of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri to functioning robots like mars rover and Sofia, And within the next hundred years, 60% of the jobs will vanish and would be taken over the AI and would become an integral part of our life from chairs to airplane they could take control over most of the things.

Basic Scenario of 2200:

Now we have the basic idea of the scenario of 2200:

  • Icebergs would melt more faster

  • Extinction of many species//( Mostly the animals which live in the colder regions)

  • Exhaustion of resources

  • Excessive population (increase by 28%)

  • Rise of AI.

Living in 2200:

Living in 2200 would be like the sides of a coin while on 1 side we would experience the luxury of technology on another, many species would be on the verge of extinction and we would be on the verge of massive flooding due to the increase in the sea level and which could completely change our lifestyle, by "change in lifestyle" I mean lack of area to live, If all the icebergs melt that would result in massive flood all over the globe, lack of resources,extinction of species, massive population and most of the people losing their job because of the rise of AI.

What can we do to preserve the environment?

We are currently living at a very critical stage of mankind if we get things right from now on by preserving the environment through taking steps that minimize the pollution, minimize the excretion of CFCs we could help millions of people in the future.

Just imagine, you! Who is sitting right in front of the screen and reading this can help millions of people, poor and rich, young and old always remember:

It always starts with you!

How can we save the future?

  • Plant trees

  • Instead of ordering a private ride, do a rideshare

  • Lower your heating

  • Stop using coal, and spread the word for the same

  • Convince your friends to behave sustainably

I hope that you all liked the post,and would help to stop a climate change, follow @adroit and subscribe to our mail list for more posts like this.

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