The science behind dreaming

Despite being into the 21st century, this remains a mystery to the humankind.

There are many theories as of why do we dream, which parts of our brain are involved during dreaming, what exactly causes dreams, here is my point of view on dreaming.

When do we dream?

There are several stages of your sleep cycle, it’s classified into the REM stages and the non- REM stages, the fourth stage of your sleep, when the body muscles are relaxed, the body temperature and your blood pressure’s low is the REM (rapid eye movement) stage it may sound weird but as he name tells our eyeballs to move rapidly during this stage and as the brain forms our dream.

How do dreams exactly form?

For this let us all recollect our dreams and collects all the common traits in them. Some of the common traits I found were: unrealistic, memory-related, sense of the emotions (fear, anger, happiness), and in some cases the situation we desire to be in.

Limbic system – Located at the middle of our brain, it controls our emotions and holds our memory which is why our dreams mostly involve our past memories and emotions, hence, the limbic system plays a very important role in the formation of the dream.

While most of the times the frontal lobe remains paralyzed which controls most of the logical thinking and reasoning.

Because of which most of our dreams make no sense.

Although, while lucid dreaming a unique situation could arrive.

Lucid dreaming - Lucid dreaming happens in a type of dream when the dreamer becomes aware that he or she is dreaming and gains control over the narrative and the character.

Here while you are gaining control over the story, the frontal lobe comes into play as it does some logical thinking on its part.

To sum it up – dreams occur in the fourth stage of our sleep which is the REM stage, the dreams mostly form in our limbic system and sometimes even the frontal lobe is involved during lucid dreaming

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