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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The world is changing, admit it. Widespread development in all kinds of fields is taking place. Whether it is technology, science, engineering, etc. one way or other news methods are being developed to make life easier, make work easier. In the midst of all this, technology is one of the fastest growing in all of the networks these days. Children, at a young age have started innovating, making new designs for automations, self-driving cars and what not! But obviously on a small scale and a way smaller size.

Today I’ll be talking about Virtual Reality in this blog.

So, what is virtual reality? Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors, as said by the standard definition. I know some of you might find it complicated, here it goes in easier words: virtual reality or commonly known as VR is a piece of technology that has a pair of VR glasses (with a screen inside, more like a 3d experience) and also a pair of sensors which might be gloves or a kind of joystick.


Okay, now that we know what a VR headset and sensors look like, we’ll now understand on how it actually works. For instance you put on a VR headset and hold those sensors, you’ll need to choose the desired location you wanna be in a game that you wanna be in. For example you choose Italy, you’ll be able to walk around experience the place and even feel it (the sensors provide the sense of touch). But in real life you’re in an software which is identical to the place. Another example in which you’re playing a game of suppose shooting, you will be able to virtually hold the gun and actually shoot it but again, you are in a software.


People might say that when games like call of duty can be enjoyed in first person, why to purchase a VR? I’d say that it completely depends on the person who is playing. If you want a much more immersive, life like experience you probably should use a VR if not, first person is always there.

Now, lets take a look at a little bit of history of VR


Today’s virtual reality technologies build upon ideas that date back to the 1800s, almost to the very beginning of practical photography. In 1838, the first stereoscope was invented, using twin mirrors to project a single image.

It eventually developed into View-Master, patented in 1939 and is still produced today. The use of the term virtual reality was seen in the mid-1980’s when Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research, began to develop the gear, including goggles and gloves. One milestone was the Sensorama in 1956 (by Morton Heilig). Heilig also manifested a head-mounted display device, called the Telesphere Mask, in 1960. By 1965, Ivan Sutherland offered “the Ultimate Display,” a head-mounted device. Optical advances ran parallel to projects that worked on haptic devices and other instruments that would allow you to move around in the virtual space(1970’s and 80’s). Since then when have some process in the VR model made and the result is what you have right now in use.


· It is believed that with the help of VR, you will be able to project holograms of devices that being worked on or something else (this can slightly be compared to the start technology, except that those are just holo’s and not VR).


· Better travel and tourism with VR, like I said in the beginning of the blog, you could go to your dream destination for a visit while being at home.

· Less lonely times, with consideration of video calls, I would say that VR would be the next level video calls, mostly because you’ll be able to move around, feel and interact with the person.

· Experience life on mars, now this is not only possible, but also interesting. With the recent sending of spaceships to mars carrying orbiters and rovers, we do get live video feed from the surface rover. If that as a software is added to VR, it would be amazing.


With that I would like to conclude.

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