What would happen to us if oxygen disappeared from the earth for just ‘5 Seconds’?!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

What is it like to lose 21% of our atmosphere? Although oxygen is not the most abundant gas in our earth it’s the most important. Before you all might think 5 seconds seems quite less of a time, I can hold my breath till 30 seconds, let me clear your assumptions.

In brief, it would take 5 seconds for the life to vanish, cool?

Here are some factors of what would happen to the earth if oxygen disappeared for 5 seconds:

  • Atmospheric pressure: The atmospheric pressure would drop instantly, without oxygen, atmospheric pressure would be equivalent to dropping 1000 meters deep inside the ocean in an instant, you feel the pain in your ears while traveling in an aircraft, yeah but this time our inner ear would instantly burst due to the loss of oxygen.

  • Compounds including oxygen: Now look around yourself, observe all the things which are made up of cement, now what if all the objects made up of cement just break down instantly due to the loss of oxygen? yeah! This is possible, as oxygen binds the particles of cement together, without that it’s only a handful of sand.

Even all the water on the earth would evaporate in an instant forming into hydrogen, the buildings, your furniture, cotton, etc. would turn into dust due to the loss of oxygen.

  • Combustion: without oxygen, combustion is not possible, i.e. fire cannot be ignited without oxygen. So all the vehicles which use combustion would come to a sudden halt, i.e.: millions of cars would come to a sudden stop, airplanes would crash (100 airplanes take off per minute all-around the world).

  • Sunburn: if you are taking a nice sunbath at a beach or in case playing under the sun, do expect a nice sunburn, as the ozone mainly consists of oxygen.

With the absence of oxygen, severe sunburn can occur, and in some cases even death.

  • The darkness: Without oxygen, the sky would appear dark, even in the morning, because of the fewer particles to jump off, as a result, the suns layer would be concentrated at a single place, while many places would still remain dark.

  • Metals: Close your eyes, imagine it in your head, what would happen if all the metals around you instantly combine with each other, yeah!!! even this can happen, oxygen makes up a layer over metals or oxidizes them without which they can combine with any metal around them, and in some cases can lead up to an explosive reaction.

  • The core of the earth: have you ever seen the earth cracking into 2 halves? Within a blink of an eye, the road has cracked into two pieces and the lava gushes out of the surface to destroy the life on the earth, it could even happen in real life as the oxygen makes up 45 % of the earth’s surface, with its disappearance be ready to have a hot lava experience.

  • Lastly: till now if you still believe that you can survive all these odds, here’s your final blow, you yourself would evaporate, with no water and blood, your body and your parts dry up, you will eventually turn into dust just like Thanos’ victims, just this time much-much-worse.

Now look around yourselves and enjoy the breath of oxygen you are taking, and be happy to be able to live safely.

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