What is the biggest motivation in life?

Updated: Feb 16

Hey Guys today we are going to talk about "Motivation"

So, first look at the general perspective.

I went on google and searched "what is the biggest motivation in life" and these are a few results:

  1. Money and Rewards.

  2. Desire to be the Best.

  3. Helping Others.

Now let's talk about each of them in detail

1. Money and Rewards

Yes, it can be your fuel for a particular phase of your life but it wouldn't motivate you for the whole life. For a person of very young age buying an Audi car may be the biggest goal or having 10 lakhs in their bank account makes them happy but when you get there it's nothing, you start feeling what next, for example, think of any YouTuber you like, once their goal was to get to 100 subs then maybe a 1000, a million, 10 million and then the number keeps increasing so money can never be the fuel for the whole life. You will just run behind a bigger number and you would never have fun in your life.

2.Desire to be the best

It's totally correct. But when you get there, what next? Say if you work in a company and you are the best in your team, what will happen your boss will make you the leader of more projects and maybe you will earn more, after a point of time you would join a new company and try to be the best there. And this will continue for your whole working life, eventually you will turn 60 and then practically die in a few more years.

Is this what you want your life to be?

3. Helping others.

Yes, this can be the fuel for your whole life there are many people who worked hard in there own life to make sure that the poor have food to eat. One of the well-known example is Warren Buffett.

He is considered one of the richest person on this planet with a net worth of 82.3 billion dollars. Today has given 99% of his earning to the poor and is satisfied with his life.

Warren Buffet's Son Howard Graham Buffett feeding the poor.

Now let's talk about the motivation for the major chunk of the population that they also do not know but still it's the motivation for them, desire and fear.

It's not only the biggest motivation for Humans but animals too.

If you show a Bone to a dog he will start jumping or show a stick and say sit down he will do so why? because of "DESIRE and FEAR" The dog had a desire to eat that bone so he jumped and had a fear of pain so he sat down.


For even a 9-year-old child this stands true. He would do a task, just for an ice cream because he has a desire to eat it and would study for annual exams because of the fear of failing. Its there in a well mature adult too if he/she is working in a corporate bank the only thing that drivers him/her is the desire for money or something else and the fear of getting fired.

Motivating yourself by this method is the worst thing you can do in your life. Animals also live by this method only. So, if we also live in this way what is the difference between us and animals.

The only difference between you and that dog is the ability to think and differentiate between what is good and bad.

I want to tell you a story:

How do we catch monkeys?

What happens is the hunter keeps a banana inside a bottle which has a mouth that will allow the hand to go in but when you hold something you can not take it out so if the monkey leaves the banana he can free his hand but he does not, because of a simple fact that he has the desire to get the banana. And that bottle is tied to a rope so this way the hunter catches the monkey.


Today everyone in this world is doing this, they are not leaving their comfort zone to reach new height because of the fear that they will lose what they already have.

Isn't there something other than this Desire and Fear that can drive us through our journey, our life?

Can the driving force in our life be something else, other than desire and fear??


Which is totally different than the thought process of this world.

I don't mean to say that after reading this go jump off your window and you will be happy and will be motivated. I mean that every night when you sleep a thought should come to your mind that yes, I am satisfied if I die too and do not wake up tomorrow morning I would not panic and sleep happily without fear.

Is reaching that level of satisfaction easy?

No, it's not. We have to work hard and give our 100% every day if we want to achieve that level of satisfaction.

The first thing we talked about was money, is it not necessary? Yes, it is you will find people saying that money is not important but it is, because if you don't have the money you can not survive in this world but it has no connection with the satisfaction

The absolute aim of someone's life should be when he or she is on the death bed they should say "I HAD FUN."


The day we understand this we will have the fuel to get to any heights in our lives and live happily.

" Be Thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

- Oprah Winfrey

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